I always thought that the story of Isaac Newton was utter BS. There’s no way that this man sat under an apple tree, had a ball of sugar, starch and fiber hit his head, and then not only understand gravitational force but influence the world and generations to come. And it didn’t happen like that. The apple never hit his head. It probably hit a worm or squirrel he was staring at off in the distance. Who knows. But I still can’t believe he saw that and walked away with a better understanding of anything…let alone gravity. Call me a cynic. 

Well…I thought this way until a moment ago. Yes a moment ago. I’m on a business trip in an unexpected location (so descriptive, right?). In the hotel lobby, I saw a boy wearing shorts (Omg. Are you kidding? What a discovery.) Bare with me please. He had two prosthetic legs. That in itself is nothing to gawk at. Shit happens and technology fixes it. But I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that the prostheses were not the same. One had a circular joint at the knee and was connect to the foot by a simple shaft. The other lacked the ball shaped joint and instead branched in two from the straight joint to the foot. This was a cursory view and I’m not sure if I’m describing each limb correctly.  I didn’t want to be that ignorant weirdo staring or asking basic (look it up on urban dictionary) questions. 

Long story short…I may have had my apple moment. 

Remember…I’m trying to make functional and adjustable pants. Not doing this for kicks and giggles. 
Couldn’t end without a Bechdel Tune. It’s full of sass, sarcasm, and admiration:



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