Leather Jackets FTW

This post is dedicated to examples of Form + Function in fashion, especially designs that incorporate adjustable features. This is a great way to waste time until I figure out how to make pants.

Basic addition to sleeves/pant legs. Nothing new

My coat needs this right now. Yup, those are backpack straps on a jacket. This would make bike riding/surviving in Chicago’s weird climate so much easier.

This coat has come a long way. The design was initially baggy and misshapen, but the designer has amped things up a bit. I really hope they can push this to the next level as the years go on. I still wouldn’t be caught dead in this coat.

Still on the lookout for other pieces like this.

Also, here’s a special shout out to a friend of mine who created an anonymous tumblr called Bechdel Tunes devoted to collecting songs that are NOT about people. Time to scour my music to give a few suggestions. 

Check it Out!

Check it Out!


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