Dreaming about prosthetics 

Have you ever had a dream that shook you to your core? One that had you spring awake, racing to write? Well I just did. It involved prosthetic limbs forming with lines of blue fiber optics and lines of code. It looked like something out of the Matrix. I wish I could draw what I saw. Maybe for another time. I find it funny that this new article came out today…around the same time I was dreaming: 



Patient in physical therapy


3D princted leg

This dream has me thinking in a new way. What pants options are there for those with prosthetic limbs? I may be barking up the wrong tree here, but I’m fascinated. Some amputees find tailors, which can be expensive. I’ve found forums where some are placing Velcro into the inseam of their pants to make sure they fit. Velcro in the inseam of their pants. Velcro in the inseam….

That sounds like a nightmare to keep in place all day, but the tear-away pants idea is nothing new. Athletes have been using them forever for added versatility between different practice and game time scenarios. Heck…industrial supplies sell adjustable pants (technically chaps):  

Instead of the inseam, the adjustable ties sit at the back of the pant. At least that’s what seems to be the case here. 
More research to do here. 

Rant done. I leave this post with a weird story: http://m.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/police-gastonia-woman-beat-man-prosthetic-leg-over/nPLTs/#__federated=1


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