Sometimes good fashion comes to those who wait

Imagine yourself frantically volleying between aisles of a shoe store, desperately looking for a casual shoe that is versatile and won’t break the bank. You also have limited time because you have to rush across town to meet friends. In your frenzy, you try on shoe after shoe. None of them make the cut, either making your feet looking like clown feet or matronly spectacles. You finally spot a pair of Keds. They’re basic and you’re not too picky. You grab then and head to the register, satisfied with your purchase. It isn’t until you get home and find out that you’ve purchased a navy pair of Kate Spade designed Keds:

They’re simple yet edgy. They make my limbs look even longer, but who cares about that!
The joy. The wonder. Cue the fireworks. I never thought fashion choices could be unexpected and yet so perfect. And that’s not it. There’s an entire collection.

Sorry wallet, but I’m eyeing these pretty little things.


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