Example of good website navigation

I’ve spent a great deal of time in earlier posting talking about website design and how it adds to or detracts from the ecommerce experience. A lot of big box and department store retailers have slow systems that push the customer to serve themselves. Only if they have an issue can they then call a customer rep. In some cases (like Amazon) you can’t even call drone to fix thing. 

Cue in a store that seems to be getting it right:

The main issue with tall clothing is that there is oftentimes uncertainty about its fit and the length of an inseam or dress .  Long talk Sally above does a good job at providing a clean layout and system in which you can filter down quickly. While I do know that they do not have the burden of having a tall line alingside a regular or petite type, the user interface on the app and computer are helpful. Additionally the live chat fuunction makes things easier. 

I just wish they had a physical brick and mortar store in Chicago. More to come about this store. I’m looking to purchase some items from them soon. While some of the clothing on their site is a bit drab, many items seem fashion forward. 


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